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KleenEarth Scissors

Looking for reliable scissors that are eco-friendly too? Look no further than the KleenEarth Scissors. With stainless steel blades, these lightweight scissors are capable of cleanly cutting through a wide range of materials, making them a versatile addition to any home or office.

Designed for both right or left-hand use, the KleenEarth Scissors from Westcott are a perfect fit for everyone. What's more, the company uses recycled material in the designs of KleenEarth products and packaging, so you can make an environmentally responsible choice without sacrificing quality or performance.

This two-pack of scissors includes two ACM-41418 models, each featuring pointed tips and a 3.25" cut length for maximum precision. The overall length of each pair is 8", making them a comfortable choice for extended use.

Choose the KleenEarth Scissors for a reliable, high-quality cutting tool that's also kind to the environment.

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